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3 years warranty Aluminum radiator NO FAN Isolated EMC driver E27 PAR20 COB led globe Bulb 15W

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  • Product Manual:3 years warranty Aluminum radiator NO FAN Isolated EMC driver E27 PAR20 COB led globe Bulb 15W

3 years warranty Aluminum radiator NO FAN Isolated EMC driver E27 PAR20 COB led globe Bulb 15W

Item Name E27 Par20 LED globe bulb 15W
Power 15W
Light Source COB LED, 100LM/W, Max 12,000cd for 15°
Viewing angle 15 / 24 / 36°
Base type E27
Color temperature WWW 2700-3200K, W 4000-4500K, CW 6000-6500K
CRI >80Ra
Input voltage AC85-265V / 50-60Hz, isolated EMC driver
Dimmable No
Materials Extruded aluminum heat radiator and plastic
Operating temp. -20 ~ 55 °C
Lifetime 35,000 hrs
Quality warranty
3 years
Item N.W.
Inner box
white box / yellow box or customized
Qty / carton 50pcs
Carton size / G.W.
68 x35 x 18cm / 8.5KG
Certificates CE, RoHS, EMC, LVD, FCC, ISO9001
Application Indoor lighting, commercial places lighting etc

Product parameters:

1. Par20 LED Light Bulb has brand COB LED used to replace 70W 75W halogen bulbs perfectly.
2. Equivalent to Sylvania 70W or 75W halogen bulbs with 12/ 15 / 20 to 60 degree viewing angles for options.
3. 15W with 1500LM par20 led light bulb is the ideal retrofit for the 70W 75W halogen lamps.
4. More than 80% energy saving than traditional lamps and enviromental friendly.
5. With E27 base type are certified with CE ROHS FCC LVD EMC, stable super quality.
6. Par20 LED light bulb 8W 10W 12W E27 bases with no UV, NO IR, No flickering, quickly start, and lifetime more than 35,000 hours.

7. Color of the case: black, grey, white.

Viewing angle:

There are 15 / 24 / 36 deg. angles available, please let us know which angle do you want, if there is no information about this, we will send you 24 deg. automatically.

Color Temperature:

Color temperature is a measure of how yellow or blue a light bulb puts out. This  is another advantage of using LED lighting over halogens, which can only produce light in 3000 Kelvin range. LEDs give you more flexibility to choose how warm or cool light to use in your rooms. Higher Kelvin temperature appear crisper, brighter, and are on the blue end of the Kelvin scale. Lower Kelvin temperature are warmer, closer to the light output from a halogen or incandescent bulb. A 3000 Kelvin Par20 is the closet direct replacement for halogen if you want to keep that familiar look.

We regularly provide three options for color temperature which are widely used, 3000K warm white, 4000-4500K Pure white and 6000K cool white. For other color temperature you'd tell us separately.


NO FAN E27 LED Light Bulb is widely used to replace the Halide or halogen track lighting, down lights, etc at shopping mall, supermarket, museum and other commercial palces, no need to change the lamp fixture, easy installation and save money.

PAR20 LED Watt Equal:

Par20 LED bulbs are an energy efficient replacement for halogen bulbs. For example, a 70 or 75Watt equal PAR20 LED bulb may only use 10-12 Watts for over 80% energy savings. While the up-front cost of LEDs is higher than halogen bulbs, they need to be replaced far less frequently. With halogen bulbs only lasting 1500-2000 hours, an LED Par20 bulb that lasts 35,000hours is a worthy investment. You would need to replace a halogen 17-23 times before replacing one LED bulb.

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