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Factory direct special small power 30W LED mini street lights

  • Product Item:OED-ZL-G30
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  • LED street light 30w
  • 30w street light
  • 30 watt led street light
  • 30w street led light
  • Product Manual:Factory direct special small power 30W LED mini street lights

Factory direct special small power 30W LED mini street lights

Technical Data
Item name
30W LED SMD street light
Light Source
Epistar 2835
LED Quantity
Color Temperature
Light effect
Viewing angle
Operating Temp.
-25ºC to +40ºC
street,courtyard, community, road, square,etc.
Qty / CTN
0.55KG / PC
0.8KG / PC
Lamp dimensions
328 x 115 x 55mm
Carton size
43 x 22 x 11cm
30,000 hours
Quality warranty
2 years
Product Description

1. The outer casing is ultra-thin and small in size. Optical acrylic lens for more uniform illumination. The transportation safety . Easy to install with installation instructions.

2. Focus on outdoor lighting for 6 years, the products sell well in more than 30 countries around the world, more than 100,000 customers witness.Isolation scheme power supply, wide voltage AC85-265V, high PF solution, applicable to more countries.

3. Adopt LM-80 certified lamp beads,pure gold wire 2835 lamp beads, lamp beads lumens: 110lm / W,Color rendering index>80.

Product Details

Widely used in trunk roads, highways, elevated roads, urban streets, flyovers, sidewalks and other road lighting, as well as squares, schools, residential areas, industrial areas, parks and other places that require outdoor lighting.

Installation Notes

1. Non-specialist electricians please do not repair or modify this product without authorization;
2. Please turn off the power before installation;
3. Before installation, please check whether the voltage marked on the lamp is consistent with the input voltage to be connected;
4. In order to ensure the service life of the product, please do not use it in a place with strong acid mist;
5. Pay attention to shock protection during installation and transportation;
6. Before installation, ensure that the installation position can withstand 10 times the weight of the product, and install it in a flat place without vibration, no swing, no fire hazard;
7. If the lamp fails, please place the lamp in one place and send it back to the company for inspection and repair.
8. If the lamp body or wire is damaged, please stop using it immediately.

Contact us
About us

We have 6 production lines at production department, including assembling, inspection and aging test lines.

Production ability:2-3 days for 500pcs LED street light, and 10-15 working days for 3000pcs LED street light at common requirements.

Each Lamp must pass 24 hours aging test and high voltage (2KV, 4KV, 6KV) surge test before we make packing and make delivery.

Our Services:
1. For all your inquires about us or our products, we will reply you in detail within 24 hours;
2. Excellent design team with designers of more than 12 years experience, can offer professional advice for practical application;
3. 5000,000 pcs light source annual production capacity, the products export to EU market, American market, Russia, Kazakhstan, Australia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Vietnam, etc;
4. Good OEM & ODM business ability, 6 production lines meet your shipping requirement;
5. Export port Shenzhen, Hongkong or Shanghai;

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