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300W SMD3030 module design IP66 LED tunnel lighting

  • Product Item:OED-YXY-S300
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  • LED railway tunnel light
  • LED mine tunnel light
  • LED tunnel light 300w
  • led flash tunnel light
  • Product Manual:IP66 high power 300W SMD module LED railway mine tunnel light

IP66 high power 300W SMD module LED railway mine tunnel light

Technical Data
Item name
IP66 300W SMD module LED Tunnel light
Light Source
Philips chip 3030 SMD LED
504 pcs
Viewing angle
15°  30°  45°  60°  90°
Color Temperature
Input Voltage
AC100-277V / 50-60HZ
6063 Aluminum
Operating Temp.
-25 - 50℃
Outdoor lighting,Tunnel lighting,Stadium,Square,factory etc.
Item N.W.
Item G.W.
Qty / CTN
Lamp dimensions
L310 x W87 x H539mm
Carton size / G.W.
36 x 14 x 58cm
50,000 hours
5 years
Product manual

1.Using high-quality LED as the light source, energy saving and environmental protection, compared with traditional light source, energy saving is more than 60%.

2.Long life, can be used for more than 5 years under normal circumstances.

3.The light is even and soft, and the brightness is high. The color rendering is good, the color of the real object is more realistic, and various light colors are available to meet the needs of different environments.

4.Quick start, no flicker, no noise, no radio frequency interference.

5.Using high efficiency constant current driver, wide voltage input, can work in places with unstable voltage.

6.Lightning protection, the lamp body is made of aluminum alloy material, high strength, corrosion resistance and weather resistance, good heat dissipation.

7.Green and environmentally friendly, using lead-free and mercury-free process.

Product Details

It can be widely used in Tunnels,Square,Plaza,Garden,Lawn,Playground,Tennis Stadium,Golf Course,Bus Station,Airport,Sculpture,Architecture,Arts Work,Street,Factory offices,Show Room,Work Shop,Parking Lot etc.

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