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Why our 600W LED lamp can replace 2000W metal halide lamp

At present, many construction sites are still using 2000W metal halide lamps as night construction lighting, partly to save expenses, and partly because they believe that the brightness can meet the basic construction lighting requirements. In this regard, many people will have two major misunderstandings when using this lamp.

What are these two misunderstandings?

Firstly, everyone always think that the greater the power, the higher the brightness, but the actual brightness is depending on two factors, one is real power and the other is luminous efficiency. On the basis of a certain power the total luminous flux will be bigger when luminous efficiency is higher.

2000w metal halide lamp (Beam Angle: 120°) has total luminous flux of 20m lumens at construction site, after the secondary light distribution of lamps, luminous flux will loss a large part of about 50% of luminous flux, combined with infrared and ultraviolet (uv) content (about 20% to 30%), the effective luminous flux is around 60,000 lumens.

Our LED Flood light or tower crane lamps adopt quality LED Chip, such as Philips or Bridgelux chip, single side lighting and the light is emitted through professional lens, and there is few luminous flux loss. Regarding professional photoelectric test report, lighting effieincy is higher than 120LM/W, then 72,000 lumens for our 600W LED lamps, so we say our 600W LED lamps can equally replace 2000W mental halide lamps.

For example:

Power x lighting efficiency = total lumens

600W x 120LM/W = 72,000Lumens

Sencondly, another misconception is that compared with LED lamps, metal halide lamps are relatively cheap on the basis of brightness meeting the requirements. In fact, this is only reflected in the purchase price. We buy goods for use, the value of use for 2000W metal halide lamp has no advantage over LED tower crane lamp.

Take a lamp as an example, each lamp works 10 hours a day, and the electricity fee USD0.2 per KWH. 
By the comparison of electricity charges showing in the table as following, one LED flood lamp can save US$1008 than a 2KW metal halide lamp, which is not including maintenance cost of the metal halide lamp and the cost of bulbs replacement.


600W LED Lamp

2000W Mental halide

Average lifetime



Warranty (yrs



Starting time

instant on

3-5 min.

Surface temp.

< 60° c

300° c

Input voltage



Daily consumption



Monthly consumption



Yearly consumption



Annual electricity



Moreover, OED LED Lamps have advantages of: vivid color temperature from 2700K to 6500K, beam angle: 60 / 90 / 70x140 degree for option. Color Rendering Index: Ra.>80, Power factor: > 0.95 etc.

In conclusion, both brightness and cost fully prove that 600W LED lamp is adequate to replace 2000W metal halide lamp.

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