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Outdoor waterproof 200W embedded LED module gas station light

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  • Product Manual:Outdoor waterproof 200W embedded LED module gas station light

Outdoor waterproof 200W embedded LED module gas station light

Technical Data
Item name
LED Gas Station Canopy Light
Light Source
Lumileds 3030 SMD
Input Voltage
AC85-265V / 50-60Hz
Light effect
IP grade
Viewing angle
Aluminum Alloy
Operating Temp.
-20ºC to +50ºC
Gas station, workshop, warehouse, dock,stadium,etc.
Qty / CTN
Lamp dimensions
400 x 400 x 110 mm
Carton size
50 x 50 x 18 cm
35,000 hours
Quality warranty
3 years
Product Features

1. Using original Lumileds SMD3030, lighting efficiency 130LM/W for the finished lamp.

2. Stable and efficient Meanwell power supply, constant current driver power for outdoor lighting, and reserve 15%-25%. Not only does each luminaire have the best stability and performance, but it also achieves an extremely long service life.

3. Excellent thermal performance
Thermal Conductivity: High-quality thermal stone grinding discs are used to tightly bond the aluminum substrate to the heat sink to ensure optimal thermal conductivity for each LED.
Heat dissipation: The aluminum alloy heat sink with module design, high thermal conductivity and heat dissipation coefficient provides sufficient heat dissipation area for each LED light source. The luminaire is designed for ventilation, which ensures that the heat inside the luminaire is going out sufficient and timely.

4. Modular design
Maintenance and replacement are more convenient. The unique hollowed-out design between the modules optimizes dust-proof accumulation and self-cleaning.

5. Reliable protection performance
The high temperature and aging resistant silicone sealing ring combines the LED lens and the heat sink. The use of high-precision waterproof joints, waterproof effect, up to IP65.

6. The perfect details of excellence
Anode oxidation of the radiator is more conducive to heat dissipation;
Electrostatic dusting on the surface of the outer casing is more conducive to corrosion resistance such as salt spray;Plate type light projection, uniform spot and large irradiation area;Rugged frame design to effectively protect the lighting components;The clever structural design enables the lamp to be installed in multiple ways to meet different scene requirements.

Product Advantages

1) The lamp body is formed by high-strength high-quality aluminum die-casting.

2) Use high transmittance tempered glass.

3) PC optical lens is used to meet various light distribution functions.

4) Using high quality silicone sealing ring, the protection of the lamp can reach IP65.

5) After the phosphating treatment of the surface of the lamp body, electrostatic spraying ensures the corrosion resistance and aging resistance of the lamp.

6) The LED chip adopts Filips to ensure high lumen and long life.

7) Use branded LED driver (MEANWELL driver).

8) The structure design of the luminaire is reasonable to install and use.

9) Modular LED structure, stable light output, energy saving, and life expectancy of 35,000 hours.


Gas station, workshop, warehouse, factory, dock, stadium, etc.

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We have 8 production lines at production department, including assembling, inspection and aging test lines.
Production ability: 10-15 days for 200pcs LED Gas station light, and 20-25 working days for 1000pcs LED Gas station Light at common requirements.
Each Light must pass 24 hours aging test and high voltage (6KV) surge test before we make packing and make delivery.

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